Hard Times Should be Spent with Family, Not Things.

“Hard times should be spent with family, not things,” said The Jernigan Group’s founder Megan Jernigan when she announced the launch of the Estate Transitions Division. “In our interactions with clients, we’ve heard more than a few stories of how challenging it was to transition an estate. Clients kept telling us they were spending time transitioning a loved one’s estate when they felt they should’ve used that time to grieve, rest, heal, and be with their family. Loss may be a built-in aspect of human life, but not having the time to grieve and heal due to the demands of an estate doesn’t have to be. That’s why we’re here to take care of estate transitions for you.”

How We Help

Estate Transitions Like They’ve Never Been Done Before:

The Jernigan Group smoothly facilitates estate transitions with the help of its dedicated department staff and its access to tools, resources, connections, appraisers, inspectors, contractors, and movers. The same hallmarks of Jernigan Group service: compassion, kindness, trustworthiness, and detail-oriented, bases-covered care are all on display in the Estate Transitions Division.

What Makes this Service Unique:

  • The Jernigan Group utilizes Compass Concierge to help clients transition an estate with no money out of pocket until the property closes. This approach offers an unprecedented 0% down arrangement for repairs and remodels to prepare a home for resale. Clients are only required to pay for the repairs once the property closes and the client is paid for the home. This way, stressed families can focus on helping each other, grieving, and healing, all while The Jernigan Group takes care of the details of transitioning the estate.
  • From working with appraisers to assess items, movers to relocate items, and shipping companies to ensure interested parties receive estate items that have been bequeathed to them, The Jernigan Group has connections with top-performing service providers across Middle Tennessee who make estate transitions stress-free and smooth.
  • The Jernigan Group is proactive in its communication, forward-thinking in its problem-solving, and impeccably detail-oriented. That means full, comprehensive service delivered with a level of excellence and professionalism that is bar none.
Compass Concierge