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Exclusive Listing: 1311 McAlpine

One-of-a-kind opportunity to own an oversized lot with a 1930’s tudor cottage with a professional detached music recording studio with additional climate-controlled lounge/edit-suite building and a storage/tool shop.

Set in the heart of East Nashville’s Inglewood neighborhood, and designed to be both modern and rustic, this property is walking distance from the Cumberland River, and 2 miles from both the Shelby Bottoms Greenway and Riverside Village.

Studio Special Features:

  • Layout: Studio consists of a control room, tracking room with 14 foot ceiling, piano room, 4 isolation booths, machine room with microphone storage closets and 2 guitar amp isolation closets, a kitchenette and a half bath.
  • Structure: Original building footprint is comprised of cement cinderblock exterior walls filled with concrete. The exterior has another layer of concrete stucco and the interior is a 6-inch furred out wall with 2 layers of drywall. All of this along with 2 sets of doors between indoor sound related area and the outdoors creates a workspace that is completely soundproof from the surrounding neighbors as well as the house on the property.
  • Wiring For Sound: The entire studio is wired throughout with microphone, speaker, instrument and cat 6 ethernet headphone lines allowing users to access any room in the studio from any other room. All wiring is easily accessible through a series of below ground “troughs” that span more than 50 feet running throughout the studio.
  • Electrical: The electrical system has been upgraded with power conditioning and a separate breaker box has been added for “tech power” protected by a “shunt” trip breaker system which is imperative for the proper operation of certain professional grade recording/mixing consoles. Light Control: The lighting in the control room, tracking room and adjoining iso booths is controlled by luxtrol industrial grade variac light dimmers.
  • HVAC: The HVAC unit is a multi-zone dual split system that allows the system to tend to a designated prioritized zone and then tend to the second zone. For example, the tracking room can be heated while the control room is cooled which can be necessary at times due to the amount of heat that recording equipment can produce.
  • Sound Treatment: Control Room— 3 cloth covered walls enclosing various sound controlling insulation with bass traps in the rear corners and ceiling. Front walls soundproofed and filled with 30 cubic feet of sand up to the window base level. Tracking Room— 24-foot long, 4-foot high brick wall and “barnwood” covered wall for variations of desired sound reflections. Iso Booth— all booths have at least one sound treated wall covered with cloth. Piano Room— 2 cloth covered walls treated with sound controlling insulation and one painted cinderblock wall for reflections. Guitar Amp Iso Closets— Sound controlling foam covered walls with 6.5 cubic feet of sand separating top iso from bottom.
  • Parking: Property has ample off-street parking for 8 to 10 vehicles.
  • Other: Privacy fence surrounding studio area with electric gate access imperative for high profile clientele. 12×16 climate controlled building next to studio that can be used as studio lounge, office, workout room or additional edit suite/writer room.

Home Special Features:

  • New bathroom vanity
  • New granite countertops
  • New kitchen sink
  • Remodeled laundry room with new cabinets
  • New siding
  • New addition in studio “iso booth”
  • Fresh paint throughout
  • New recessed lighting throughout
  • New gas stove
  • New electrical switches and outlets

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