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Middle Tennessee city Lebanon is home to the Wilson County State Fair, one of Livabilty’s Top 10 Summer Fairs. The city’s business climate is diverse, and Lebanon is home to the headquarters for restaurant chain Cracker Barrel. Known for its abundant cedar trees, Lebanon has plentiful outdoor recreation activities including Cedars of Lebanon State Park.

Things to Do in Lebanon, TN

Cedars of Lebanon State Park

Known as Cedar City, it’s no surprise that Lebanon’s state park is full of glades of its most abundant tree. Cedars of Lebanon State Park spans about 900 acres of the more than 9,000-acre Cedars of Lebanon State Forest.

The park is a great spot for family-friendly fun or a scenic getaway, and offers visitors a place to rest and relax with numerous campsites and cabins. Their deluxe cabins come complete with living spaces, full kitchens and bedrooms.

If you prefer sleeping under the stars, then try one of the park’s 100-plus campsites, all of which come equipped with electric and water hookups, as well as grills and picnic tables for dining.

Cedars of Lebanon also offers plenty of outdoor activities. From swimming to horseback riding to exploring, there’s plenty to keep all ages enjoying the great outdoors.

Historical Attractions

Lebanon is a city that remembers the past. About half a dozen museums and centers call the city home and exist to preserve the local history.

One historical attraction, Fiddlers Grove, strives to save Wilson County’s history. Replicated buildings, exhibits and educational events help to raise awareness and teach visitors.

Another effort to keep history alive is the Sellars Farm State Archaeological Area. More than 1,000 years ago, this area was home for Native Americans during the Mississippian Period. Walking tours of the area take visitors around a loop trail and allow them to explore the remnants of the village that was once there.


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Best Places to Eat in Lebanon, TN

Lebanon, TN’s food scene features classics such as steak, hamburgers and barbecue.

Demos’ Restaurant

Demos’ is a middle Tennessee favorite thanks to its menu of full of American and Italian dishes. With four locations in the region and one in Alabama, the restaurant’s popularity is evident. Diners love the Demos family’s recipes for steak and Italian pasta favorites such as brown butter spaghetti. Demos’ has won countless awards for customer satisfaction and affordable prices.

Fat Mo’s

Nostalgia is on the menu at Fat Mo’s. More than a dozen locations of Fat Mo’s restaurants can be found in middle Tennessee, and they all serve the restaurant’s famous half-pound burgers that are reminiscent of a time before fast food chains. Hungrier patrons can try to finish the Fat Mo’s Super Deluxe Burger, which weighs in at more than 27 ounces, or the Deluxe Burger, which is a full pound of ground beef.

Locals prefer to eat their burgers with the restaurant’s spicy fries. And what’s their beverage of choice? A milk shake or malt made with some of the restaurant’s soft-serve ice cream.

Smaller burgers, chicken, fish and hot dogs are also on the menu.

Stroud’s Barbeque

Stroud’s Barbeque became so popular that it opened two other locations besides its original restaurant, including a spot in Lebanon. And locals are grateful for this Franklin transplant and its hickory-smoked and slow-cooked fare.

The menu is full of standard dishes such as a pulled pork sandwich or chicken plate, and Stroud’s also offers specialties such as a barbecue baked potato and barbecue nachos. Unique presentations of familiar flavors is one of the reasons why locals love this barbecue restaurant.

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Lebanon’s Neighborhoods


Lebanon’s Oakland neighborhood is suburban and accompanied by farmland. A quiet area, Oakland’s housing prices are higher than Tennessee’s average. Primarily medium-sized abodes make up this neighborhood’s landscape.

The majority of the residents in Oakland own their homes. Highly educated with good jobs, these residents are mainly young singles.


Open farmland describes the Linwood neighborhood. The three and four-bedroom single-family homes in Linwood are priced above the state’s average, and this area is known for its quiet atmosphere.

Egan/West End Heights

Also priced above Tennessee’s average prices, homes in the Egan/West End Heights neighborhood are mostly three or four bedrooms. This quiet suburban area is home to a range of lifestyles, with young professional residents and seniors living as neighbors. Cumberland University is located nearby.

City Center

The homes in the city’s walkable center are mostly small with one or two bedrooms, but their prices are on par with the state’s or lower than the national average. Owners and renters both reside in this area, and most residents are young singles.


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